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Do you want to become a Business Angel or want to improve your Early-Stage investment skills?

What our Investors Say
"as everyone re-seeks a “new normal,” the baMA team was able to host an event where the panelist discussions were engaging for both in-person and online attendees. The though-provoking questions the panels addressed were captivating, informative and inspiring."
Johana Mccune

101 Business Angel Education

Learn the basics for starting your journey in angel investment.
Lesson 1
Innovation Ecosystem Basic Concepts
Lesson 2
What To Expect On An Elevator Pitch
Lesson 3
Legal Considerations before Investing

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This self-paced online program is a great way to kickstart your Business Angel journey. The comprehensive set of videos cover key topics on the innovation ecosystem, business pitches expectations, legal and financial considerations before investing, and much more. It’s a fantastic starter !”

Arnobio morelix

“The Diversity Investors Academy and HCC are committed to educating minorities in the art of early-stage investment. We believe that education is the required previous step to activate investors from minority communities and that this is key to close the Gap for minority-led start-up funding”

Brenda Rios

“The Diversity Investor Course material is excellent, including the supporting material, all of it is very well explained. The enthusiasm and confidence in the program are inviting and make the information understandable.”

Karen Sanchez

“The Business Angel 101 course made investing in diverse startups clear and easy to understand.”

Huan YUE