Panel Discussion

We are discussing women’s role in the innovation ecosystem, in Venture Capital, and the importance of believing in the power that females have.
You will learn about the value that women bring to the innovation ecosystem, the role they take in that, and the advantages of being a minority in this ecosystem. But you will also hear us discuss the challenges women face when trying to raise money for their businesses, and the discrimination they encountered in this sector. 
Through our experienced and talented speakers, you will fully understand the innovation ecosystem and the importance of women’s presence to reach success. They will share with you their experiences, how they first started within this ecosystem, their motivations if they had mentors and the importance of them, the role they are playing in the pandemic, and much more.

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Our Panelists:

Andrea Course, Venture Principal at Shell.

Nancy Zakhour, Well Design Lead at Oxy, Investor & Mentor.

Sunny Shuoyang Zhang, Founder and President at Zlab, Associate Professor of Marketing at University of St.Thomas

Our Moderator, Maria Maso, Founder & CEO of Business Angel Minority Association.

Our Host, Mar Flotats, DiA manager.